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The ‘Hemcrete’ House
A single storey two-bedroom detached dwelling in the back garden of an existing large detached house. (Planning Permission gained at ‘Appeal’). An oval-shaped form with flat ‘green’ roof: designed to minimise its impact on the surrounding houses and gardens. Constructed in timber frame and monolithic lime-rendered ‘hemcrete’ external walls, with continuous deep overhanging roof. A floor-to-ceiling glazed south-west facing curved external wall, bringing natural daylight flooding deep into the plan of the house.
A super-insulated house with a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system and high levels of airtightness (achieving very low heating requirements).

A sustainable green building: not only with regard to the environment, but also in terms of a 'home for life' built to enable someone to live in their home, even if they ended up as a wheelchair user. It therefore includes wider doors, flat thresholds etc.

For webcam film footage of the external and internal progress work for the Hemcrete House, please go on to and click on "External Movie - hires, wmv format (329mb)" and "Internal Works - highres, wmv format (100mb)" respectively."



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